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Mar 26, 2009

Panasonic Scholarship 2009 2010 Panasonic Gobel Indonesia

Panasonic Scholarship 2009 2010
Panasonic Gobel Indonesia

Beasiswa Terbaru

Panasonic Corporation (hereinafter “Panasonic”) was established in 1918 when Konosuke Matsushita, the founder, started a small workshop to make an improved attachment plug. Today, Panasonic is the most comprehensive electrical and electronic manufacturer in the world. Throughout its corporate history, we at Panasonic have believed that our mission as a manufacturer is to devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people, thereby contributing to the growth of human civilization. Traditionally, Panasonic has a strong conviction that the development of human resources is the most important issue that management has to deal with.

The Panasonic Scholarship Program was established in 1998 in commemoration of the company’s 80th anniversary as a way for the company to express its appreciation to society. Its aim is to provide scholarship opportunities to privately financed students from Asian countries who wish to pursue a master’s course in Japan, to offer financial assistance to foster highly educated experts who can contribute to the development of their countries in the 21st century, and to promote mutual friendship between their home countries and Japan.

Panasonic Scholarship has a motto “SMILE”.

S stands for “Social Responsibility”
Social Contribution is your duty.
M stands for “Multi-cultural Understanding”
You leant different culture through experience in Japan
I stands for “Intellect”
You made an academic research, but have wisdom as well.
L stands for “Leadership”
Please be a leader in the society.
E stands for “Excellent”
Please be really an excellent human being.


1. Preparatory Allowance
To be provided before leaving for Japan (details will be forwarded to nominated students later)
2. Scholarship
The scholarship to be provided after arrival in Japan is described below. The duration of the scholarship is limited to the standard education periods as follows: a maximum of 1 year for a research student and 2 years for a master’s course at graduate school. However, the duration of the scholarship is to be shortened accordingly in case where the student’s course of study is less than the standard education period.
* Research Student of Graduate School
Basic Scholarship ¥150,000 per month
Tuition Assistance Actual Amount (a maximum of ¥200,000 to be paid each half year)
* Master’s Course of Graduate School
In the case where students are able to take master’s courses within one year after arrival in Japan, the scholarship to be paid is as set out below.
Basic Scholarship ¥180,000 per month
Entrance Fee Assistance Actual Amount (a maximum of ¥250,000 to be paid)
Tuition Assistance Actual Amount (a maximum of ¥250,000 to be paid per each half year)

Panasonic Scholarship students enrolling in a master’s courses at graduate schools must apply for fee-exemption (for Entrance Fee and Tuition Fee) in each term. Where those applications are accepted completely by graduate schools, the Entrance Fee and Tuition Fee assistance will not be provided.


Panasonic Scholarship will be provided for three years from April 2010 to March 2013, which covers

1. Year One — Enrollment as research students in universities in Japan and Japanese-language training in Japanese-language institutes.
2. Year Two & Three — Register and complete master’s course in Japan. The entire period shall not exceed three years in any circumstances. The scholarship will be terminated

The entire period shall not exceed three years in any circumstances. The scholarship will be terminated if a scholarship recipient fails to gain admission to master course in Japan within one year after arrival in Japan (end March, 2011).


A privately financed student from Indonesia, who wishes to pursue a master’s course in Japan, should meet the following requirements:

1. Nationality:
Applicants must be citizens of Indonesia (with age 27 years or less in March 2010).
2. Educational Background etc:
* Applicants must be graduates or pending graduates of universities and have a distinguished academic record and must have completed 16 years of school education or have been accepted as eligible for enrollment at the targeted graduate schools. However, applicants must have completed their bachelor degrees no more than 4 years prior to the date of their arrival in Japan.
* Applicants must be enrolled as research students at universities in Japan in April 2010 and must also be able to take master’s courses by April of 2011 at the latest.
Applicants must major in any one of the science and technology disciplines.
(Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering, Bio-technology, Agricultural, and Information Technology)
3. Japanese Language Proficiency:
Applicants must have adequate proficiency and knowledge in the Japanese language not only for studying at master’s level but also for understanding Japanese culture.
4. Health Conditions:
Applicants must be medically fit and must be strongly motivated to study in Japan.
5. Others:
* Applicants must be interested in and have the desire to contribute to the development of Indonesia and to promote friendship between Indonesia and Japan.
* Applicants must obtain a study visa and arrive in Japan one week before the date of the award ceremony to be held at Panasonic Headquarters at the beginning of April 2010.
* Applicants who are receiving or will receive other scholarships including Japanese Government Scholarships are not eligible for the Panasonic Scholarship.
* Applicants who are already enrolled at graduate schools in Japan are not eligible for the Panasonic Scholarship.


Application Procedures: Indonesia Panasonic Office will select Panasonic Scholarship candidates in three phases, as follow :

All candidates must apply through (and only by) electronics application. This first selection will seek a record of the applicants overall data including: biographical information, academic records (GPA), language capabilities, and readiness to enroll master degree program in Japan.
The e-application submission will be closed on MARCH 16th, 2009 . In Phase I, 50 (fifty) applicants will be selected as semifinalist and their names will be announced in MARCH 20th, 2009 via e-mail and website.

Semifinalists will be notified and receive an official application form through login and download from Panasonic Scholarship Indonesia website (user and password will deliver only to 50 (fifty) Semifinalist later.
The form will require detailed biographical data, academic report (transcript) , an essay of master research proposal, personal recommendations, and Professor acceptance. The semifinalist must submit official application form (item 1 until 5) as mentioned below by mail with deadline on APRIL 20 th, 2009.

Documents to be submitted in Phase II :
1. Application form (prescribed form No.1)
2. A letter of recommendation from the dean of the university the applicants graduated from (prescribed form No.2)
3. Study and research plan in Japan (prescribed form No.3)
4. Original university transcript (or legalized), photocopy only without legalized unacceptable.
5. A certified copy of the applicant’s degree
The committee will selects 12 (twelve) finalists based on documents screening, and mini-thesis or research proposal evaluation.

On June 9th – 10th 2009 [tentative] all finalists will be invited to attend the Final Selection Stage. The Committee composed of Panasonic Gobel Group of Companies top management, distinguished universities professors, President of the Panasonic Scholarship Inc.
Japan, and Training & Recruitment Consultants will interview and evaluate each finalist. The 3 (three) most qualified finalists will be selected to be Panasonic Scholarship Nominees.


http://www.panasoni cscholarship. com/content/ view/1/5/

Deadline Mar 16, 2010

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